Durashine Steel Tile

DURASHINE Steel Tile is a strong, durable, concealed fixed (fasteners not visible), long length roof tile. It is quick to install, easy to handle and transport. It is designed to provide aesthetic look a building


DURASHINE Steel Tile Profile is nominal 421 mm wide coverage profile with nominal 45 mm ribs height at nominal 210 mm pitch centre. The profile has step length 0f 16 mm, having interlock arrangement to make it leak proof.

Material Specification

DURASHINE TM Steel Tile is manufactured from Pre- painted zinc- aluminum alloy coated steel, AZ150, G300 conforming to AS/NZS 2728 type 3-4.

Sheet Thickness: 0.50 mm TCT

Standard Sheet Lengths: 2440 mm, 3200 mm, 3960 mm

Overall Profile Width: nominal 505 mm

Effective Cover With: nominal 421 mm

Min. Roof Slope: 5'

Rib height: nominal 45 mm

Min Span: 760 mm

Weight: 5.65 kg/m2 or 2.37 kg/m

*Total Coated Thickness