The Ten Fold Galvano Advantages:

TATA Steel has the capability to Manufacture Spangle Free Material with its Technology having the following Ten Advantages

1. Closest thickness tolerance offered by Tata Steel is possible through AGC (Automatic Gauge Control) mechanism commissioned at its state of art Tandem Cold Rolling Mill

2. Absolute Flatness is possible through “Wet Skin-passing” – a process unique To Tata Steel which ensures:

Improved surface texture
Superior shape retention

3. Higher Chrome passivation ensures higher White Rust resistance

Tata Steel: 15-25 mg/Sq .mt./Side
Others : 10-15 mg/Sq. mt./Side 4. Super High-grade zinc [purity - 99.995%] coupled with uniform coating Ensures highest Red Rust resistance

5. Uniform Zinc Coating is possible through Feed-Forward X-ray mechanism in Tata Steel’s Continuous Galvanizing Line – a mechanism unique to Tata Steel

6. Superior Zinc Adhesion is achieved through:

Electrolytic cleaning of steel substrate before coating – unique to Tata Steel

Superior Aluminum control in coating bath chemistry through a software Known as DEAL, developed in-house with help of erstwhile Arcelor

7. Best substrate steel quality is achieved by applying close controls on process Parameters right from Raw Material [Iron ore & Coal] stage to steel production Ensuring desired quality right from Commercial to IF grades of steel

8. Special oils are provided on certain grades of steel for better Die forming

9. True zero spangled surface with RA factor varying between 0.8 – 1.4 ensures:

Superior paint adhesion

Better finish [due to absence of spangles/crushed spangles]

Lower paint requirement and hence lower cost

10. Zero Spangled Galvanized Products of Tata Steel is eco-friendly since:

Additional Lead is not added to the coating bath

Use of superior high-grade zinc ensures less than 5 ppm Lead which comes along with zinc by default.

Trivalent Chrome passivation is possible on customer demand